Featured Professor 2010-2011:

 Prof. Robert P. George

Professor George has published awesome, inspiring and scholarly works on natural law, politics and ethics that demonstrate the consistency of faith and reason to fundamental issues of our time.  His works are recommended enthusiastically to you for your reading and learning pleasure!  Thanks be to God and to Prof. George for his courageous leadership, penetrating insights and inspirational talents!   A special thanks also to Princeton University and its Politics Department for supporting Prof. George and his scholarship.

Prof. George is currently the Cyrus Hall McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and the Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions  at Princeton.  Professor George also serves as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and was  honored to serve as the 2008 Judge Guido Calabresi Lecturer at Yale University, and the 2007 John Dewey Lecturer in Philosophy of Law at Harvard University.   A few more interesting bits of information about Prof. George to take note of:

Degrees:  D.Phil, Oxford University; JD, Harvard University; AB, Swarthmore College

Boards and Awards:   Click Here to View   

Positions Held:  Click Here to View; see also  ManhattanDeclaration.org  


Books:   Body-Self Dualism in Contemporary Ethics and Politics (Cambridge University Press 2008);   Embryo:  A Defense of Human Life (Knopf Doubleday 2008);   The Clash of Orthodoxies:  Law, Religion and Morality in Crisis (ISI Press 2001);   In Defense of Natural Law (Oxford University Press 1999);   Making Men Moral:  Civil Liberties and Public Morality (Oxford University Press 1993).   Professor George is also an Editor or co-Editor of the following books:  The Meaning of Marriage:  Family, State, Market, & Morals (Spence Publishing Co. 2006);   Constitutional Politics:  Essays on Constitution Making, Maintenance, and Change (Princeton University Press 2001);  Great Cases in Constitutional Law  (Princeton University Press 2000);  The Autonomy of Law:  Essays on Legal Positivism (Oxford University Press 1999);   Natural Law, Liberalism and Morality:  Contemporary Essays (Oxford University Press 1996);   Natural Law Theory:  Contemporary Essays (Oxford University Press 1994).



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